Metre reading email recieved

Hello, been trying to switch to bulb. Received an email to tell bulb my metre readings but when I click the link it takes me to this community thing?

I am having the same problem. Is there anyone who knows how to get around this problem. Seems like joining bulb with its low rates was too good to be true. No contact no. Ridiculous

Help please …!.

How hard have you looked for a contact number? Have you tried clicking the link helpfully titled “Help”? It’s shown both at the top of the main website page and in the footer of every single page under the heading “Contact”. You’ll find all the contact details there.

However, what you’re experiencing is a 2+ year old bug that Bulb still haven’t fixed. @Eleanor_at_Bulb I suggest it’s about time the dev team did something about it?

I have been a BULB customer for a year or so and send them meter readings every month by their website, it works every time, takes 30 seconds. I get an email confirmation that they have received the readings within a minute. I suggest you give them a phone call Monday morning, they are always fast and helpful and will talk you through what is required.

Google ‘Bulb telephone number’
result 0300 303 0635

Easy isn’t it, really?

But just in case a bit more help is required.

No need to be rude grow up

Why you being so rude? Grow up