Metre readings being swapped round every time

Since joining Bulb I have had my day and night readings swapped around 3 times since joining.

So I live in a one bedroom apartment on my own with storage heating that is set to run at off peak hours, just for a few hours too. They’re my first experience with them and they’re definitely awful but that’s besides the point. I am out for most of the day due to work and don’t have any energy sucking devices left running either.

Three times on the trot I have had to contact Bulb due the day and night readings being swapped and creating an eye watering bill of £307 for one month!

Bulb customer service has been very hit and miss, webchats either been able to help or closed the chat or sent me to a bot without reason. Calling in on the phone has been much easier but it’s not an option at the moment obviously.

Has anyone else experienced this? It’s pushing me very close to leaving Bulb as i didn’t have this issue with EON.

Hi @james5 and welcome to our Community :earth_asia:

I’m very sorry for that your readings are continually being transposed. It sounds potentially like your first readings with are the wrong way round. So our system will always try and keep the readings to the same configuration as the first readings.

I’ve sent you an email so I can look into this in more depth and make sure it is fixed going forward and not just as 1 off.