Metre readings not accurate

I raised the problem of the incompatibility readings between the Tesla Powerwall and the Landis & Gry E470 100mm meter with bulb in November 2021 and spoke to an unhelpful chap. (This was the time when bulb were going into special administration.)
I was told there was going to be a firmware update to rectify the issue to the meter, this has not happened as yet, as I am still experiencing being charged more kilowatts per day than I am actually using. I was told I can’t have a new meter, so can somebody advise what is being done to rectify the issue or a refund of the excess power I have been charged and going forward what to do.
Thank you Graham

Hi @Grahamg

Thanks for your post and I’m sorry your query wasn’t answered in November.

I will speak to our EV team about the issues you are having, but just want to get a better understanding first.

What makes you believe you are being over charged? And how did you notice this?


Hi Ele
Thanks for getting in touch
The Tesla gives me the usage of what I have pulled from the grid each day and it does not tally with the readings from the L&G meter. I have been told this is a well known issue with the meter and the Tesla battery and app.
Is it possible for the meter to be changed?

Hey @Grahamg sorry for the wait with our reply here. We can see this has been escalated to the smart team and we can see you have been in touch with someone today.

The smart team will need to review the options as this is quite a unique situation, we are really sorry this has happened.

When they get back, the colleague you spoke to will pop you an email with the next steps.

–Carl :bulb: