If there any opinion (or even a point) to wind / solar micro generation as a business model?

I.e Would you lot at Bulb gain anything from rolling out wind micro generators to your customers in return for a discount off their bill or similar arrangement?

Hi there @Weylund. M

icrogeneration is in fact a very rapidly growing, and increasingly important, part of the energy mix in the UK. The way we’re set up to deal with this, in the UK, is through something called ‘feed in tariffs’, which you may have heard of. Essentially, a feed in tariff (FiT) is a guaranteed price per unit of electricity which the government pays anyone who has solar panels (or a wind turbine) on their house to produe that electricity. The way you, as a microgenerator, would get that money is through an energy supplier who is a feed in tariff licensee, who would pay you for the electricity you produce. This is something that Bulb doesn’t do just yet, as we’ve been a bit small, but is something we’re certainly planning to move into as we grow.

In terms of ‘is there any point to Microgeneration’, in a word, yes. The presence of solar panels or wind turbines on people’s houses opens up a huge area of real estate which can be used for the production of renewable energy, which would otherwise be pretty much useless (unless you particularly love the appearance of roofing tiles). It also reduces the burden on large scale generators, decreases the amount of energy which needs to be produced and transported to rural areas, and drives the development of low cost renewable energy generation materials, especially solar panels. This is why the government incentivises wacking a few solar panels on your roof so much! This page explains all that in a much more formal, and probably more accurate, way: https://www.gov.uk/feed-in-tariffs

I hope that helps!

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