Minimum DD leaves me over £100 in credit each month, and increasing

I’ve just done the maths, based on reducing my DD as low as you’ll let me, and going off your over estimates for the next year, I will never be less than £115 in credit (more than our highest estimated monthly bill in winter, which is more than we’ll use anyway). In fact, by this time next year I would be nearly £300 in credit.

I don’t get it. We chose you because we want to be as eco as we can, but you’re costing us a fortune for no good reason?! I understand the theory behind paying in advance, but it’s getting excessive. This seems to be a common problem - what are you doing to address it?

I’ve been having a similar problem since I moved into my current place, the estimates were and are always way too high, and the bill statements never took into account the readings I actually submitted. I got a smart meter installed yesterday, but my monthly payments kept saying I couldn’t decrease my payments to less than £168.24 a month, which is the ridiculous monthly amount decided by their wildly inaccurate estimate readings. Anyway I opened up the online chat and asked them to change it to £60 for me and they did it as soon as the chat line opened. I had to wait about 30 mins or so, but personally I would rather wait 30 mins in the online chat than on the phone. Have you tried contacting them?

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I have looked at your account, as you have only been with us since the summer we have estimated your winter usage. I will DM with you more detailed information as I do not want to discuss specifics on a public thread.

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Hi Builb I also have the same issue. As you can see here I am currently £118.41 in credit after my last usage of £98.72 and my last payment of £110. I have tried to contact you via the Chat line but for some reason this isn’t loading up. And despite being almost £120 in CREDIT I cannot lower my next month’s payment below that of £107. So am looking for a partial refund of at least half of this if possible please. Thanks in advance Mark
1 Nov 2020

Energy used

01 Oct to 31 Oct 2020

  • £98.72


Hi @mark2533, I’ve sent you an email about this, so I can look into this for you :mailbox: