Minimum monthly payment


Bulb arbitrarily set a minimum monthly payment on my account at over £80 whilst my account is over £90 in credit as it is. I’m very unhappy with this and request this to be changed as soon as possible so I can set the payment amount.

Please let me know when my account is amended so this minimum mandatory payment amount can be changed.

Many thanks,

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If you haven’t done so already I would make sure you have sent up to date meter readings to Bulb so that any reculations of your DD can take these into account?

Thanks Allanr, I already submitted my meter reading but haven’t received any communications about this mandatory payment changing. If I recall correctly my last energy bill was less than £3.00 but they’ll take almost £100 from my account this month.

I’ll seriously have to consider changing providers if this is not changed.

I personally recommend cancelling your direct debit until it’s resolved, so you don’t build up any more credit that may be unneccesary.

Can I do that? I don’t want them to cut off my energy supply - which they shouldn’t give I’ll be about £160 in credit soon but you know.

I’ve cancelled mine because of the recent errors in direct debit calculations, and I now pay by card top-up on the website.
I pay enough for a month’s usage, usually the amount on the bill.

I only recommend doing that because of how long it can take to get it resolved - their recommended payment for me still hasn’t recalculated, so I’d be paying way more than my usage, even if it’s to account for higher winter usage.

You only owe payment for a service you have used. They can’t cut you off for non-payment if you are in credit.

They can threaten to charge you admin fees for not paying by dd… But that’s not permissable in their terms and conditions.

Their terms allow them to make admin charges if you don’t pay a bill on time… But if you are in credit by more than the cost of a bill then that cannot happen, whatever they say.

So you would suggest I call my bank and cancel the Direct Debit?

Is there any place better than here where I could get this resolved, like emailing them directly on some email address?

I would expect that my credit balance will last me 2 or 3 months based on recent usage. If you cancel your DD, do you get notification from Bulb that “payment of £XX.XX will be required on XX/XX/XXXX” and then you go onto the website and make the payment?

I wouldn’t want to incur any admin costs.

Yep, I’d cancel the direct debit with your bank.
Bulb (should) email you each month with your new bill. Once that arrives, it tells you if you’re in debit or credit with them.
It has the subject “Your Bulb account update”.

As soon as that comes through, I log in to my account and do a top-up payment to put it back in credit.

Here’s a snippet of the last one I received:

One of the bulb staff will probably reply on here and offer to email you to resolve it.
You can also email them filling in the form on their contact us page (link below), or you can call the number listed there too.
They offer live-chat, but my experience there hasn’t been very good recently. Emails also have a huge backlog, and people have been waiting over a month for a reply. Calls are hit-and-miss.
That’s why I suggest cancelling the direct debit, because payment issues don’t always have a speedy resolution.

Hi @Grazka,

We don’t arbitrarily set your monthly payment amount to whatever we feel like. Calculations are used I promise!

@Allanr is right, we do recalculate your payment amount based on up-to-date readings. I just took a look into your account and I see we haven’t received a meter reading from you for quite some time.

I’m just sending you an email now so I can give you a more detailed response :relaxed:

I wonder if this method is due to you being a long time customer of Bulb where you had the option to pay by Debit Card. Newer csutomers I believe now have to sign up by using a credit card?


I’ve just noticed an earlier posting from you where you mention you had cancelled your DD and pay by top up.

Does this mean you pay off your bill but don’t pay the nominal one month in advance?

Yes, kind of.
My account credit is roughly half a month’s usage. I’m paying my bill within a few days of the statement being issued.
I was going to keep my credit amount as a month in advance, but I decided I’ll be switching so don’t want the risk of there being any credit left over and then having to wait for it. When I switch and submit final meter readings, I’ll top up with whatever might be owed. I’d much rather owe bulb a small amount that I’ll pay straight away, than bulb owe me that might be weeks waiting for a refund.
Still waiting for a few issues to be resolved too, so haven’t switched yet, and checking out who to switch to in the meantime (“Green” and “Avro” are currently top contenders).

Did Bulb raise any objections when you cancelled your DD?

I understand “Green” are a good supplier. :wink:

I received a call about a week or so later in response to me cancelling it. Before verifying details, the guy on the other end of the phone had no details about my account other than my direct debit being cancelled, account being in debt, and claiming they’re not receiving meter readings.
The call came a week after a statement, which had actual readings, and I was logged in to my account and could see there was usage info up to the day before, and I had credit.

Once I verified myself as account holder, he could see they were getting readings, and my account had credit. He offered to set up the direct debit again and I turned him down, because at that point my payment was still being recalculated after I complained about the bad data used for the price hike. Told him I didn’t trust that it would be resolved in time for my next payment.
Was a good shout on my part, the payment recalculation changed nothing and it’s still suggesting the ridiculous amount.

Hi outrageous amounts on my Direct Debit being requested! I have repeatedly asked for it to be reduced I am in credit by more than what my monthly bill is and yet my direct debit amount has almost doubled! I have spoken to someone twice they tell me it is the correct amount, I submit readings every month and I work out what my bills will be almost to the penny. Despite my repeated requests to make a reasonable setting for my payments - still higher than my monthly bill they still want it to be £50 higher than my last two monthly bills !
I have cancelled my direct debit and will pay direct top ups when I get my bills in future. I used to recommend Bulb to my friends as a fair and reasonable company and I also used to be a serial switcher until I found Bulb a few years ago but now I will be looking to switch my business away from you

Hi @jendo42b,

I’m sorry that you’re unhappy with your payments.

I’ve had a look at your correspondence with us and can see that you’re going to submit a reading in the coming day so that we can get a better idea of your annual usage and potentially adjust so do reply back to Henry’s email and we can see what we can do about this.


Hi Trevor - I sent a meter reading soon before sending a message here (a day, maybe two before, not sure) so your system must not have been updated yet. I see my mandatory minimum payment amount is no close to £60.