Minimum payment changed 3 times in 3 days

In the last 3 days the recommended minimum payment has changed 3 times
I gave my regular monthly meter readings on the 18th, the following day the minimum recommended payment went to c£106 per month, my bill was generated on the 21st and the minimum recommended payment went down to c£104 per month, I logged on this morning and it has gone up to a recommended minimum c£113 per month.

I am £194 in credit, and my bill to 18th April was £90 ( my DD is £90 a month) and will keep reducing every month from now & stabilise in July and August to c£50 per month until roughly end of September

Bulb can you explain why my recommended monthly minimum payment has increased when the usage is going down and my credit will now keep building

Personally, I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s when they write/email you to say they’re increasing your DD that you then may want to query it.

Before I changed to variable DD, my recommended DD amount was always changing. It never affected the fixed amount I paid each month.

Not worried just annoyed, if they do try and increase my DD like many others i will cancel the DD and pay on receipt of the monthly bill and build up credit in a savings account ready for winter

It’s what I do already. Better in my account than Bulb’s!!

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Is it possible to move from direct debit to payment on receipt of bill? They have always made it seem like DD was the only option, but this month they increased my payment by £100 without telling me even though my account was in credit. Not a nice surprise.

Yes you can pay on receipt of bill, it appears from reading the forums that a lot of people have done this

They may say DD is the only option, but you can change to a variable DD. This means they’ll only take the billed amount but it still comes out of your bank as a DD. The only difference being they can’t specify an amount. Your usage will drive how much you pay each month.

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@Joanne2711 I am sorry for the confusion with your payment amount, anytime we get updated usage information the amount can change, this includes when you submit a reading. Like the others said you don’t need to be concerned about it changing, we will email you about any changes to payments if it’s needed.

@Anton59 that is correct, we do not advise people to cancel their direct debits but do offer you to pay on receipt of your statement each month which is the variable direct debit. It can be difficult for some people to budget paying this way as like you say the amount will change each month depending on your usage.

Let me know if you have any questions about this,

– KT :bulb: