Have I been mislead by Bulb?
Got my yearly round up from Boost, which I was pleased with, but nevertheless decided to compare other suppliers. Bulb came out at a few hundred quid cheaper so I decided to switch.
My switch went through yesterday 15/9/18 and already I have been requested to increase my payments TWICE.
I was and still am in credit with Boost and used their yearly round up figure for comparison purposes, so no estimates used. So how could Bulb get this so wrong?
I believe you are misleading people with low comparison quotes in order to get them to move.
Incidentally my two requests to increase my payment come before the scheduled price increase in November.
I would like an explanation

I agree with the misleading experience, we too used a well known comparison website, using 2017 accurate gas and electric data.

we were offered £300 savings with Bulb, so we cancelled with British Gas on the 10th Sept 2018. Almost immediately on the 11th Sept at 04.00 in the morning !! we received an email to say our bill was to increase by a whopping 18%, by November and this reduces the savings quoted on The comparison site by over £200.

I think it’s time to speak to the regulator and see if this is allowed ? Granted the email from Bulb says we can leave without penalty but it’s the hassle factor and sour taste that you’ve been conned that’s irritating - I wonder how many other potential new customers have similar experiences to share ?

Hi @Razorb64.

When you sign up to Bulb, you have the option to put in your annual figures. If you do this, then we can estimate what your monthly payment should be. This is generally pretty accurate. If this is not put in when signing up, then we use an estimate based on the average usage for your house size and area.

It’s not in our interest to under/over estimate your usage. We will only ever take payment for the energy you are using so if you are paying for more than you use, we’ll refund credit. We run reviews on all our accounts every quarter just to make sure that our members are not over/underpaying.

You are always in control of your payments. You can change your monthly payments on the “payments and statements” tab of the Bulb Account.

If you are still in credit with Boost then they will be able to refund you when they send through a final statement.

We’ve not increased our prices twice since you joined us. We have sent an email to all our members letting them know that prices may increase and a letter to give 60 days notice that prices will be increasing in November. This is not something we want to do but as wholesale prices are significantly increasing, we do have to increase our tariff. This will decrease when the wholesale markets decrease.

I can see that you have been putting in your meter readings which is great. This means we don’t have to use estimates.

I am sorry if you have not been happy with the switchover. If you have any suggestions about how we can keep our members more informed, we’d love to know.

@JKT It’s worth having a read of our blog about the price increase. We appreciate that it is frustrating to have a price rise once you have just joined us. We are not alone in having to increase prices and still remain cheaper than the big six standard tariffs.

Ofgem regulations ensure that all energy companies give members at least 30 days notice if a tariff is increasing. We give 60. This is because we want all members to be fully informed and have plenty of time to consider and make a switch.

May as well go back to British Gas - they’re fixed tariff is cheaper than Bulb now.

Again the point has been missed by bulb. I did put in accurate figures at sign up, so estimates should not have been used, but my payments were set at £70, now increased to £116 after 2 days. If my accurate readings were used correctly, then why was your payments set at £70 to start with? I accept prices are increasing in November, and am merely claiming that you have asked me to increase my payments twice since joining, but as I say what was the point of giving accurate readings at join up?
My point is that after giving these accurate usages at join up, you have deliberately mislead me by saying you could provide my energy cheaper than my previous supplier. Once signed up for the price YOU quoted, low and behold you say the payments are too low.


There is simple answer to your concerns.

  1. Go to the Bulb quote page, and enter you last 12 months actual usage in kWh.

  2. This will provide your new monthly payments after taking into account the November increases.

  3. After which go to your “Payments & statements” on your account dashboard and amend your direct debit to the amount shown from 2. above.

The only caveat is that you will need to take into account any credit or debit which your currently have, especially if either is of a significant amount.

I do all the above but in my case I use my own spreadsheet to work out my future monthly payments for the next 12 months.

been with bulb 4 months through summer to Nov…monthly price gone up £90 to £311 !!! Like all companies they do not make it easy to leave but I will be out asap…

been with bulb 4 months through summer to Nov.....monthly price gone up £90 to £311 !!!

Is that your actual bill/statement amount or your direct debit amount? If it’s the bill, are you actually providing meter readings and has your actual ‘unit usage’ changed?

My first bill with Bulb (January this year) was £99.18 (covering 8 Dec-7 Jan), next one was £79.92 and my latest bill (Novembers) was £63.87. So I can’t say I’ve noticed much non-weather related variant myself.

Like all companies they do not make it easy to leave but I will be out asap....

How do Bulb make it difficult to leave? They have NO minimum contract length and NO exit fees - so you could sign up with a new supplier ‘now’ and be switched over to them as soon as the 21 day switching period finishes (which is an OFGEM timeline) - and you don’t need to be in contact with Bulb at any point during this.


Out of curiosity has your usage increased? Using the total price for the previous month is not very useful information, as credit meter customers just started paying more money on 11th November due to a price increase, and that is very difficult to compare.

It would be more fruitful to provide the actual units you have used for each month. price on its own can’t help identify if your using more which in turn would mean your going to be paying more.

There has been many discussions about the DD recommended email and how the recommendation is calculated, and there has been many answers that can help identify how to keep on top of your advance monthly payments. It has been expressed many times, that your DD and your monthly bill are not the same, and the DD is to accrue credit to pay for the assumed higher usage over the winter period. DD are not there to pay for your monthly bill.

And if you find a cheaper tariff or a company that you think gives you value for money, then definitely switch, i can understand the hassle and worry about increased DD or even the mention of it, furthermore, i also understand @Razorb64 point about the hassle involved switching not something most people like doing.

This is not the first complaint about the DD and I do hope Bulb starts taking measure asap, because this is becoming a very common difficult experience customer are faced with.

Like all companies they do not make it easy to leave but I will be out asap....
You just have to find a new energy supplier and tell them you want to switch. They'll contact Bulb and sort the rest out for you. You should contact Bulb as a courtesy to let them know you're switching (they might reject the switch if they don't think it's a legitimate request), but that's the extent of it.

If that’s a difficult process then almost certainly the new supplier making a dogs dinner of the process rather than Bulb trying to make things difficult.