Misleading 'generic' quote system

When I’m recommending people to get a quote from Bulb via my referral link, I feel I have to advise them to go through the initial stage of getting a quote based on their accommodation type and number of bedrooms etc but then at the end of that process, to find the link which says “Refine your quote” and input their actual consumption figures.

I find this initial ‘generic’ type of quote is potentially misleading and off-putting as it can give a higher figure than one based on actual consumption and this may be enough to put people off. In my case the initial quote was for £60pcm (gas and electric) whereas the quote based on my actual consumption figures was £55pcm.

This difference of £5pcm might not seem like much but when using comparison sites to find the best deal (which won’t include Bulb unless you tick the box to include companies that the site can’t switch you to) this £5 could be make or break.

My suggestion would be to include the possibility of getting a quote based on real figures right at the start of the quote process and make this option much more visible that the current green “Refine your quote” link right at the foot of the page where most people won’t see it or bother to use it…imho!

You’re absolutely right - see the earlier topic https://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/2098/get-a-quote-page-a-suggestion#latest

I’ve just signed up and missed the refine your quote. I’ve just tried it and it’s reporting approx £10 cheaper than the generic. Can bulb update this before my switch completed. Tried the app, but no access for the 21 day switch period.

@mentalzombi, as the winter is upon us, it may be wise to keep that £10 extra on at least for the first month or two to confirm that your bills are as low as you suspect they may be. Better to have a little too much in the account to pay for the winter heating, than too little.

Bulb will however be able to update this if you’re sure you wish to change it.

@mentalzombi I’ve reduced your monthly payment for you now by exactly £10. Thanks for letting us know!