I am not happy with bulb already i agreed to swap from other supplier thinking cheaper bills this was only 1 day ago got my welcome email monthly direct debit higher also 20’/,increase in winter ive emailed cancel but had no reply actually puting me off switching suppliers.

Hi Annie,

Thanks for switching to Bulb, welcome!

I’m sorry that it was a surprise to you. We try to make it as clear as possible on our website when people join that it’s applied by default. Unfortunately, some switching sites don’t give it as much priority, so we also include it in the first email that we send you to make doubly sure you know about it.

It’s just a recommendation, though, so if anyone would rather not have it we’re very happy to remove it, We recommend it to help people stop going into debt over their first winter. Without the credit buffer that people naturally build up over summer, it’s easy to end up with a fairly large debit on your account. This buffer is what allows members to have the same prices throughout the year, despite very different usage.

Can I just confirm you’d like me to remove the winter uplift from your payments?