Misread the meter a couple of months ago and only just realised!

Looking for some advice here, I misread the meter back in July and mistook a 5 for a 6. The gas meter is tucked away in a cupboard and is hard to get into to view - I put a 6 instead of a 5 meaning that that reading was high by 10 units, only just realised as went to do readings now (September) and have essentially same reading as in July - and although we use very little in way of gas in the summer we still use about 4-5 units per month.

Looking for some advice on who I need to contact at Bulb (or how to contact them to get the erroneous reading amended as it will effect the payments expected?

Many thanks

As long as the reading you’re about to submit is higher than the one you submitted previously I can’t see a problem.
If it’s less, just add a few on - it’ll soon balance out with the colder months approaching!
Otherwise call them on 0300 30 30 635.

@Euan1000 the meter reading in July is an estimated reading as we don’t seem to have got an actual one that month.

Either way - as @198kHz said, these things balance out as long as the most recent reading is correct.

thanks everyone, sorry for delay in replying, have not had chance to be on computer much.

I use next to no gas in summer as its mostly for the central heating hence such low readings in the summer…have had this with another provider where they wanted to take a reading as could not believe was only using so few units in summer though of course winter more than makes up for it!.
If Bulb need to come out to do a reading that is fine too, i just need advance notice to make sure someone is home.

I think if there is a dispute with your readings (for example, you had entered 6000 instead of 5000 and therefore would take ages for it to even out and Bulb/3rd party regulator would start flagging more recent readings), I would suspect Bulb would be happy for just a photo of the meter for validation purposes (they’ll then have to recalculate your bills for the last ‘known/expected good’ reading). If it’s just the ‘single units’ misread (12346 instead of 12345 or even the ‘tens’ units), it’s probably not worth worrying about.