Misrepresentation of Smart Meters - do not allow Bulb to Install

I know from reading here that I am not the only Bulb customer really let down having agreed to a smart meter install, nowhere was I told that they may not provide any data to the IHD and therefore the promised benefits do not materialise. The after install service (not sure I should call a couple of automated emails service) is completely absent.

Customers deserve to be well informed by Bulb and provided with accurate information, hence my strong recommendation that customers do not go ahead with installation by bulb, it is just not worth the trouble.

Perhaps someone from Bulb would like to provide accurate information on what is going on and when it will be remedied. My IHD is on WiFi so the nonsense of “our network” cannot reach your IHD is nonsense


When suppliers refer to “our network” they mean the direct uplink from the smart meter to the DCC that goes via either mobile data (like a smartphone) or a longer range radio system (in “the north”). This is independent of your home WiFi and whether your IHD is connected to WiFi, or even has WiFi available, is irrelevant. It is certainly not “nonsense” for there to be issues with network connectivity even though you’ve connected the IHD to your WiFi.

You’re quite correct that Bulb’s customer service is pretty terrible, particularly around smart meter issues, but please don’t make the mistake of assuming something is easy and trivial to resolve just because you don’t know enough about how it works.

There are lots of places in the chain from your meter to your supplier where things can go wrong, and none of these are related to your home internet connection. It’s likely going to take several more months for all the problems being experienced by all energy suppliers to be resolved.

Your suggestion for people to wait until the system is more thoroughly proven is the best thing to do.

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Sorry but a poorly implemented solution that seeks but does not use alternative routes to servers or services is no excuse. If it is piggybacked on Cellular network, there is good coverage here. If it is entirely proprietary then where have the suppliers been for the last 20+ years?

I suggest they speak to Amazon or others who have solved these sorts of problems by using all available routing options several years ago! I therefore stand by nonsense.

My fundamental issue is not however with this it is that at no point did Bulb, or their installers alert me to this potential backward step, I can no longer even just look at the meter, no buttons or anything else, to see my usage.


The connectivity options are entirely out of Bulb’s (or any supplier’s) control. Blame the government for the poor implementation.

Agreed, the Bulb rollout was initially labelled as a trial, but it silently went into a full production rollout without telling anyone that it might not work properly. Not good.

I’ve never seen a smart meter with no buttons and no way of reading the meter. There should always be a way to read the meter manually. What make and model have they installed?

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