Missed Payment?


I’m a new customer with Bulb. The first payment was taken fine on 23/02, however another payment was not taken on 23/03 as I would have expected. I’m currently in credit, so not too worried, but I’d like to know what happened and will you be taking my payment on 24/04?


Hi @outonthelanai thanks for getting in touch about the failed payment. The payment we tried to take from you on the 23/03 was unsuccessful as we have been given an “insufficient_funds” error from the bank. If there were enough funds then your bank might be able to tell you as to why the payments weren’t taken out.

We would need to catch up on this missed payment, would we be able to request a payment of the same amount either today or tomorrow?

Thanks for getting back to me @sj_han

I can assure you the money was in there for you to take (which is why I queried it not being taken) and as such I’m happy for you to take the payment again today.

P.s. A more sensitive customer may have complained to your manager for you stating to the world that there were “insufficient_funds” in their account, however as I know this to be incorrect, I’ll let it go. Just a thought though.

@outonthelanai thanks for getting back so quickly, I’ve requested a payment from you now.

Thanks for understanding about stating “insufficient_funds”, I had a hunch that it wasn’t the case which is why I mentioned about contacting the bank about it :slight_smile: . My only concern is that they give us the same error next time we try to take a payment.

Now that the payments seem to be going through OK, I have a new query, Yesterday I received an email from Bulb to say that £62.68 would be taken, however you took £75.22? Can you tell me why the discrepancy please? Thanks!

Hi @outonthelanai I can see that you had the winter uplift applied to your account, which is a recommended 20% increased payment during the colder winter months to account for higher usage and ensure your account doesn’t call into debit.

This ended in March and brought your payments down from £75 to £62 going forward. If you feel that this doesn’t quite match your usage don’t forget you can also change your payment amount (and other useful things) yourself on our online portal, MyBulb, at https://my.bulb.co.uk/login.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. :smile:

Hi Evie,

Just like the email I have just received from Bulb, this does not answer my question!

Please see the attached screenshot of an email I received yesterday stating that they payment for this month would be £62.68. Bulb then actually took £75.22. This has nothing to do with winter uplifts, or you guys failing to take a previous payment. Why can’t anyone seem to explain to me why you have said one thing and done another??


Hi @outonthelanai your £75.22 payment was taken on the 4th April, as it was a retry of the failed payment on the 21st March as you discussed above with @sj_han . We then sent out your next payment email on the 17th April to prepare you for your reduced payment to £62.68 on the 21st April.

The email you have received is for the forthcoming payment on the 21st of this month which has been reduced coming out of winter and has, in fact, nothing to do with the payment of £75 at the beginning of this month which was delayed from March.

Please let me know if this does not answer your question and if you would like me to give you a call to discuss.

Hi @evie,

Again, you are not answering the question! I am sorry if I sound patronising, or rude but I don’t know how else to explain the problem to you and I’m getting quite fed up.

Before you replied to this thread, I received an email from Ellie talking about the missed payment from March. I have attached this for you to see. I knew it had nothing to do with the issue and it was down to sheer exasperation as to why I mentioned it in the above response.

As I have said twice already - the payment for April has already been taken - it was taken yesterday(!) and it was for £75.22 NOT £62.88 as stated in the email. This is what the problem is!

I can’t work out if you guys don’t understand the issue or don’t want to admit you took the wrong amount from the bank? The monetary difference is negligible, it’s more that I will have to keep an eye on you guys each month to make sure you actually take what you say you will that I’m concerned with!

Why has my last comment been deleted?

No problem, I can voice my dissatisfaction again.

Before this thread was replied to, I received the attached email from Ellie talking about missed payments. I knew this had nothing to do with the issue, but mentioned it here as additional reason for my exasperation.

I have told you guys TWICE that my payment for April HAS ALREADY been taken and it was for £75 not £63,

Do you guys at Bulb not understand the issue I have or are you ignoring the fact that you took more than you said you would (which is my concern!) I’m not bothered about the money for this month, I’m bothered I’ll have to watch you guys actually take what you say you will!

As I said in my now deleted post, I’m sorry if I’m sounding condescending or rude, but I’m really getting fed up now. I’ve think I’ve been very clear in what the issue is and yet I still am getting no where and you are wasting my time.

Please would you refer me to your manager as I think they need to know how much hassle I’ve had about what should be a simple query?


Hi @outonthelanai I’ve been trying to give you a ring to make sure that this is all clear for you but have been unable to get through.

I think the extended bank holiday may have caused a delay in your bank verifying that the payment was taken on the 4th April as discussed above which has caused confusion.

Please could you give me a call as soon as is convenient on 0300 30 30 635 to make sure this is resolved for you.


I can’t speak on the phone as I am at work.

Y’know what though? I give in.

I’m going to leave this for today and when I come back in a couple of days I will hopefully get someone else who understands this very simple problem. You said you would take £63, you took £75. It may not be showing in your system yet, but it’s showing in my bank that this is what you have done and has nothing to do with a payment that was taken over two weeks ago.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Hi @outonthelanai

I’m Will and I’m the Head of Community here. First, about your missing posts, I found them in our automated spam prevention system. They’d been flagged for us to check. I’ve marked them as not spam, so you’ll be able to see them now. It’s a learning algorithm, so it shouldn’t happen again.

On your payments, let me understand what you’re saying first, just to make sure I’m on the same page as you, and then we can work out how to fix it. I want to be extra sure as there’s been some confusion so far.

I can see that:

  • We took a payment of £75.22 on the 21st of February.
  • We attempted to take £75.22 on the 21st March, but this failed
  • We retried that payment on the 4th April, which was successful.

We then sent you a communication on the 17th April telling you that we would be taking £62.68 on the 21st April.

What you’re saying, and please correct me if I’m wrong, is that we took another payment of £75.22 in April. So you’re seeing that we have taken a total of 3 payments of £75.22, not the 2 payments that Bulb can see. 2 of these were taken in April. Is this correct?

Since Bulb can only see the two payments of £75, please could you let us know which days we took payments so that we can investigate. Thanks.