Missed smart meters installation appointment

I was expecting to have smart meters fitted today between 2 - 6 pm, but have had no one show up at my house & no contact to say any different. I have had to totally empty out the cupboard under my stairs as well as remove all the paneling around my existing meters in readiness of your appointment to make them easy accessible . I am extremely annoyed by this carry on :rage: :angry:

Unfortunately a lot of engineers are off sick at the moment, some of them with covid. As for the lack of communication bulb won’t be able to get in touch if the appointment will be missed. That bit is down to the company who makes the appointment.
Things are a bit difficult at the moment as you can appreciate. Us engineers are doing our best to keep our appointments but it’s not always possible

Hi @tracie1

Thanks for getting in touch with us. I’m really sorry to hear this happened and for the inconvenience it caused. I have just taken a quick look into your account for you and can see that another appointment has been booked in next month. If there is however anything you’d like us to look into or assist you with further, please do let us know.