Missing direct debits

Bulb took DD payment in October 2019 then nothing until Feb 2020. I have only just realised as I am in so much debt now with the account. They have also said that I have used £85 just on gas in the month of December when my usual usage is £40. I checked decemeber 2018 and that is 40 also and January was 40 so what on earth happend ? I worked all Christmas, even christmas day so that is not what has increased my bill by double. Very confused.

Is it an actual or an estimate?

On the bit of the bull that says gas in detail it lists 2 estimates and one actual meter reading for that month, even though 2 of the readings were in a separate month.

Are you confusing your bill for energy used with the value of your direct debit payment?

Hello no I’m not. They have also just sent me a bill correction to say that this month is now 74 not 54! So that’s 2 months way over my usual amount and comparing to last year in the same months aay over.

Perhaps you could post the last few months of meter readings, showing dates and whether they were actual or estimated? As a fellow customer it’s rather hard to offer any help with so little information to go on. Either that or you’ll have to contact Bulb directly to discuss it, since they will of course have full access to your account history.