Missing referral Credit

H Bulb,

Stephen,who used my referral link to switch to Bulb on the 28th of January,was due to complete
his switch on the 18th of February.I was wondering if his switch completed,or is he no
longer switching.Please note I received my email from Bulb on the 28th of January saying he was joining.On the 18th of February he disapeared from my referral list in my Bulb account.I received “No” email to say he wasn’t switching.So I would like to find out what happened here.If he completed his switch I am due the referral credit which would have been £100.

I have had a couple of others not switched and have received emails
informing me of this but no word on Stephen’s switch today?

Can this be investigated please?


Brian Milne.


Since this is a public I would have though you are most likely to get a definitive response by contacting the Bulb team direct? It is unlikely any of us fellow customer know what happened to your friend Stephen’s switch…