hi ive now received both card and key, i was wondering how i go about claiming the money they give for switching suppliers?

Hi @jimmynteddy123 ,

The £50 referral credit is only given to new members if you were referred by a ‘friend or family’ through a referral link: if you joined Bulb directly, no credit will be given. If you joined via a comparison website then it’s unlikely a credit will be given - but you may need to check with the individual comparison website for details.

If you did get referred (and you are a pre-pay customer) then I think Bulb contact you within a week or so with details of how to claim the credit via ‘Transferwise’ (for ‘credit/direct debit’ customers, the credit is automatically applied to their account).

oh really thats odd as when i switched over i received an email saying id get 100 for switching …now im confused

Hi @jimmynteddy123

Not to worry. If you’ve signed up with a double referral link (£100) then we’ll credit you with £100 when you’ve switched.

@RichyB is right. As a prepay customer, you will receive a form from Transferwise asking for your details bank details. We’ll then transfer the money to your bank account.