Mobile phone app

Is there a mobile phone app for Bulb? My last provider had an app where I could submit meter readings and check usage etc.

Yep, we’ve got an app for iOS out now and an Android app in the works!

is there an eta for android? :slight_smile:

Do you still have to do the ridiculous sign on dance with the app?

Do you still have to do the ridiculous sign on dance with the app?

I just downloaded the Bulb app. When you sign in, it does ask for your email & sends a link. But, there is also a link to click if you would prefer to use your password.
So, at least it gives you the choice - whereas on here, you don’t get the choice - yet :o

At the moment I don’t have an eta for the android app @james3458, but we’ll shout when we do!

Hi @debra5058 - yep, we’ve got both options on the app at the moment as we’re still ironing out a few issues with the new sign-in procedure.

We’re working on improving all of this at the moment, so hopefully everything will work perfectly and we’ll make everyone happy again soon! :slight_smile:

Im new to bulb and would really like to download the app but I can’t seem to find it in my app store. Is this because it’s not available on android?

Also, (not app related) do i need to contact my previous supplier to cancel/switch or do bulb do everything for me?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Amelia, sadly the app is currently only available for IOS devices.

The Android app is a work in progress (coming soon™) but you can fill in a survey and express your interest in the beta app here if you like.
It’s on the roadmap as “next 3 months” and from other comments it sounds like we should have at least the beta app before the new year.

Regarding your switch, Bulb will arrange everything for you.

@Amelia We handle the whole switch, you don’t need to cancel anything at all.

The Android app is in development, expected to come over in the next few months, we’ll email you once it’s on the Play Store and would love to hear any feedback on it!

Hi,I’ve downloaded the Bulb app for my iPhone but can’t see one for my iPad?

@ChrisM currently our iOS app is iPhone only. You can still find it in the App Store on an iPad by selecting ‘iPhone only’ in the filters next to the search field (Filter -> Supports -> iPhone only), but it won’t scale to the full size of the screen and we can’t guarantee it will function properly. We’re keeping an eye out for other iPad requests to help us prioritise supporting this device.