Money gone,now owe you £1590?

Could someone please help or phone me, I had +£480 in my account just check the app this morning hoping to get a refund at some point now the app is saying I owe you £1590? And now I’m in debt?
I’ve live on my self how is that possible in one month???

could somebody please phone me or email me I had £490 plus in my account I just checked the app this morning now I owe you £1,590, how’s that possible in 1-month and I live on my own
I was looking to get a refund as been furloughed???

flagged your post hopefully someone will take it up

Hi @AdiHotdog,

Thanks for your post (I’ve merged your two posts together to keep everything in the same place). I’ve just taken a look at your account and sent you an email to help you understand what’s happened on your account. Please get back to me there.