Money owing from last occupier

I’ve just recommended Bulb to two friends who are moving into a flat at the end of the week.
Bulb have replied to them saying they can’t do it because money is owing from the guy who lives there, not sure who his supplier is but he’s been cut off for a while. I’m pretty sure this guy is going to leave the property with no electricity and not bother paying his debts. It’s a housing association flat.
I’m just wondering what the procedure is in this situation. They are due to move in at the end of the week and will have no electricity. There’s no gas in the property so there will be no heating or ways of cooking.
I understand this is not your fault but wondered best way of going about this.

I think your friends have to find out who the existing supplier was, and sign up with them initially. Then they should be able to switch to whoever they wish. Your friends are not liable for the previous tenant’s debt, but if the supply has been disconnected, they might have to pay a connection fee.

This OFGEM page has the links your friends will need:

OFGEM: Connections and moving home

I understand this is not your fault but wondered best way of going about this
Basically it’s up to the energy company and other debtors? to chase him.
Tough on your pals I know but not really a lot you can do,
unless the HA can perhaps sweet talk an energy company, good luck with that

Yeah, I’m kinda hoping that they will. I’m guessing the Tennant at the moment has not paid any bills and been told to leave. He’s been un-cooperative and seems obvious he’s not going to pay the electricity bill off so they can have a clean start, my friends have to move in on the 28th and sure the housing should take some responsibility that they have electricity and running water before they’re allowed to move in. Could take ages to get it re-connected and they can’t afford 2 housing association houses at the same time while it gets sorted. Thanks for the advice, :+1:

Hi @Flashyboy

Welcome to the Bulb community! Hopefully I can give a bit of a hand on this one.

As your friend is not liable for energy usage for any of the period before their tenancy starts, they don’t owe any of the debt and should not be left disconnected for said debts.

The best course of action is to find out the current supplier and contact them with a tenancy contract showing when they became legally responsible. The company should be able to create a new account going forward for your friend, and shift any debts outstanding to the previous tenant’s account. They should then reconnect the supply as necessary.

I hope this is of some use, and best of luck to your friend getting this sorted out - we’d love to have them onboard :ship: :bulb:

Hi CJ.
Thanks for the reply. We’ve managed to sort it. The electricity is off, but the Housing are going to put it back on for them. It will prolong their moving in, probably end of next week when they restore it but there will be a supply for them moving in. From there they will be switching over to Bulb.

Hi @Flashyboy

Great, I’m glad to hear that’s been resolved (even if it’s caused a bit of a delay). At least they’re guaranteed to have power once they are in!

Delighted to see they’re going to be switching to Bulb too, make sure they use your referral link when they do signup :wink:

When they move in make sure they take a dated image of the readings and any serial numbers at the meter. Should be ok but can help if any disputes at a later date.