Money paid by bulb

I have received e mail from bulb saying they want to put £10 into my bank through transferwise as I had to hang on the phone for a while to speak to someone when I phnd bulb last month also received e mail from transferwise asking for bank details so that they can pay money into my account is this genuine?

Sounds like a scam.

They do use transferwise for prepay refunds I think…

I do know they use transferwise and I do know they have paid monies for long waits. However maybe best contact Bulb for confirmation.

@ireneboyle7211 Yesterday we issued apology emails for long wait times on our phone line. As you are a Prepay member we do not hold your bank account details so the most secure method for the transfers by using TransferWise.

TransferWise is registered with the The Information Commissioner’s Office with registration number Z2976089. Your data is protected and won’t be shared with third parties unless required to do so by law.

Please give us a call if you have any concerns with the email and we can look into this with you.