MoneySavingExpert poll

I thought people would like to know that MSE are running their regular energy provider customer service poll.

Here are the current results:

I’m sure you’ll all agree that Bulb deserves a good rating, so feel free to make your voice heard.

Ooh, good spot. We didn’t get many ratings last time, so we’d love to have more ratings this time to give people more confidence in the result :slight_smile:

You’re doing pretty well at the moment!

Voting button right at bottom of page. It’s not that obvious.

Hey @matthew744 hope we keep it up! @xxx really not ideal but thanks for persevering! Owen

@xxx the poll is on the homepage. This is just the results, sorry should have made that clearer.

@matthew744 It’s also low down on the homepage, so I’d missed it in the newsletter too! I’m ready for the next one though.

Reinforces the argument for moving the ‘Refine your Quote’ selection up the page, perhaps, Bulb? (Discussed elsewhere on the Forum.)

@xxx pretty sure it’s still active!

Reinforces the argument for moving the 'Refine your Quote' selection up the page, perhaps, Bulb? (Discussed elsewhere on the Forum.)
:mrgreen: (oh you)

I see that currently I don’t know who my energy provider is has 10 votes. :#

I see that currently I don't know who my energy provider is has 10 votes. :#
10 people living somewhere where bills are included in monthly rent isn't too hard to believe. Why they'd decide to fill in a supplier survey though I don't know!

Just did my bit for the cause.

Not sure when the poll ends, but some real highlights for Bulb…

  1. A great score so far (95% great, 3% good, 3% poor)
  2. More votes for Bulb than any of the other non big-six firms

It’ll be interesting to see what the MSE write-up says. My only concern is that like with Utility Warehouse, they’ll wrongly attribute the good service opinion to the success of the referral scheme, something which I think would be unfair.

Almost a 50% more “great” votes than any other supplier.

After the very positive results from the “Which?” response time survey, I’d hope they don’t just try and pin it on the referral scheme but I wouldn’t be overly surprised if they did.

I hope we’re close to the point where Bulb stops just being referred to by their referral scheme success and where people actually start taking them seriously for their other big selling points.

I’ve just voted. The referral bit didn’t come into it for me it was simply the fact that somebody responds in pretty short order to queries made. Hopefully if (When?) Bulb grow they won’t lose this…

@linesrg, you might find this thread interesting.


I did miss that thread but clearly the people at Bulb need to be aware of keeping their feet on the ground. My experience with Atlantic/ SSE over my FIT’s payments were nothing short of disgraceful and I lost a lot of my time chasing them for missed or plain wrong FIT payments. Although I’m aware I have a very simple perspective and can’t hope to understand the complexities of SSE’s accounting systems I manage to keep a track of my FIT payments using a very simple Excel programme any 5 year old could write but apparently something so simple is beyond a multi-million pound organisation like SSE.

I’m sticking with Bulb for now. I did do another uSwitch check a couple of days ago and their calculator reckoned I could save £134.96 by switching however if you know the actual ratio of electricity used by day and night (ours is around 68% D/ 32% N) then calculating the actual figures this headline figure drops from £134.96 to £62.78 in reality. That is still a saving but the other outfit has no real track record so I’ll stick with what I know for now.

Our electricity consumption will most definitely be going up when the Renault Zoe arrives and this will tend to tip the balance in favour of an organisation with the cheapest night time rate.

I’ve moved our flat over to Bulb from iEnergy for now as well.

@linesrg, I think if you’re chasing the lowest price then there are cheaper companies than Bulb out there, but when you get down to that level of competition I suspect price and customer service have a pretty positive correlation!

the people at Bulb need to be aware of keeping their feet on the ground.

We completely agree with you. We started Bulb because we didn’t like how other energy companies treated their customers, so making sure we provide the best service possible is key to who we are. It’s just as much a part of who we are as being renewable is. So, if you ever think we’re straying away from that, call us out on it. In public. We want members to be able to hold us accountable.