Monthly bill £308.44

First I would like to apologise for late payment for my end of November, I have been in hospital, my daughter was dealing with my emails.
There is no way I am using £308.44 pee month. I have looked up my last statement from Hudson energy and find the last payment from me was £85.09 on 3rd of September. I was informed by Bulb to leave my DD for Hudson until I received the final bill. I did not get this bill.
I think Bulb has taken over the money due to Hudson.
I paid by DD on 28 September £82.29 to yourselves and again on 30 October however for my November statement I am due to pay £308.44 per month. This cannot be correct I’ve never been over £95 for any gas or electric.
I live in small two bedroom bungalow and my heating is on by my timer.
I am happy to pay my November payment of £82.29 plus £222.90from my last supplier. I am not prepared to pay £308.44 per month as per you assessment.
I would be obliged if you will recalculate my monthly bill.
I left Hudson at the end of the summer and as you know the summer payments remain the same therefore our winter payments also stay the same. AS SOON as I receive a reply from you I am prepared to reinstate my DD to Bulb.

When can I expect an answer from Bulb. I take it will be by email.

When can I expect an answer from Bulb. I take it will be by email.

Hello Not sure if you are aware thus is a public forum seen my many. In your situation I would contact the Bulb Team direct using one of the methods (except the Community ) showing in this link:

Hi @Candy,

This is a public community forum intended for other Bulb customers to help each other. As this is an account specific query, there’s very little we fellow customers can do to help - you’ll be better off contacting Bulb directly via either email, live chat or telephone: their contact details can be found on or at the bottom of the ‘Help’ page.

When was the last time you provided a meter reading into - if it’s been a while, then you bill may have been estimated and been estimated incorrectly.