Monthly bill increased by double

Hello bulb, I’ve just received an email indicating my monthly payments are going to be raised by more than double from this month. Reason being my average usage is estimated to be less than the future monthly payments, more than the current monthly payments.
However my current usage has never reached the estimated amount (according to my bills).

This is very poor!

Based on the consumer act, bulb has no rights to charge me for a service or product which I haven’t received or used.

I need to speak to someone about the estimate amount given, and about the future bills.

Please give me a contact number to discuss this.

Hi @Sotira ,

Bulb’s contact details can be found at the bottom of the ‘Help’ page or on .

I don’t suppose you can post the contents of that email (removing personal details) as I was under the impression they Bulb just included recommendations in those emails and you could set they payment amount to what you liked.