Monthly Energy Usage Comparison

Hi guys, is there anyway to see a graph of my total energy usage from month to month? All I can see is a graph showing eveyday that month but I want to be able to compare my overall use from one month to the next i/ e see Jan, Feb, April, May etc all in one place.

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Hi @D_W_C and welcome to our Community :earth_asia:,

Do you have a smart meter that is currently set to send us readings daily? If so, the Energy Usage Graph in your Bulb Account reflects what your smart meter is set too, so would also show the usage in days rather than months. At the moment, the only way to have the graph show you in months would be to change your smart meter settings to send readings every month instead of daily. You can do this through this link:

Over the next couple months, we are looking to improve the way we present smart data. I have my own smart meter set to daily and have not thought about it in that way, so your feedback is really appreciated and I will pass this on to our smart data team.

Hi Noah, yes that’s exactly it, my smart meter currently sends daily updates. For now I’ll switch it to monthly so I can see more data. I would just really like to be able to see how things like the lockdown have affected our usage, plus our heating bill hopefully reducing as the months get warmer. Other providers I’ve been with also show a comparison to a “average” same sized household, so you can see how efficient you’re being.

Looking forward to your updates, so hopefully these comparisons will be easier in the future. Thanks again

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Hi @D_W_C,

Ok perfect, let me know how you find that change in reading type. I’m currently working on a better way to store and track the different ideas/feedback that come from our Community. So your perspective is really valued, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Noah, for some reason that link isn’t working - its taking me to Bulb but saying the page doesnt exist. I’ve taken a look round my dashboard but can’t find anywhere to change my smart meter settings - the only thing I can do is click on the “it isnt working” area… any thoughts?

Thanks again for the help,

Hi @D_W_C,

My bad, they’ve updated the URL so it is now:

You can also access it at anytime by going to your Bulb account, clicking account settings and then scrolling down and clicking smart meter settings.

Awesome, managed to access and change it. However when I go to account settings I havent got the smart meter settings - under change password etc is the link to Samsung products, support services and messages but no smart meter. Weird!

Anyway, thanks for taking on board the feedback too!


@Noah_at_Bulb I’ve got a slightly different query (I’m very happy with my smart meter BTW).

When I go online to look at electricity and gas use, the units are always expressed in £. Would it be possible to have the option of kWh/ cu m units as well. When I started with Bulb in 2017 I was reading my own meters every month and set up a spreadsheet to monitor my usage, so the daily data makes a useful complement to that. Also although the monthly charging is based on whole kWh/cu m, I know that on the IHD both are given to 3 decimal places (=Wh and cu dm). As the data exists would it be possible to display it online?

Lastly, on my IHD, my customer account number (CIN) is shown as 0000 for electricity and is blank ---- for gas, where it says “Waiting for CIN”. As everything else is working fine I haven’t bothered to mention it before.

I switched to Bulb a few months ago (I don’t have a smart meter …yet!) and I submit my meter readings manually. When I click on Energy usage, I only get stacked bar graphs of my energy usage for the current month and forecast for the rest of the year.
It would be a really nice feature to retain your previous energy usage and simultaneously compare to the predictions. Previous supplier had that option and it’s really nice and surely simple to implement =).


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@North_Londoner Hello again :slightly_smiling_face:

In your online account you usage data will currently only show in £ (and split monthly or daily dependent on your reading preferences.

We’ve been receiving lots of feedback and interest about the smart usage data our members want to have access to and this is really useful while we’re in the process of improving this aspect of the Bulb Account.

As @Noah_at_Bulb said to @D_W_C we’re also improving how we collate and use Community feedback and what better time than the present, when we’ve got great ideas coming in.

With the IHD I’m not 100% certain which screen you’re referring to so if you’re able to send through a photo that would be really helpful, however we don’t use account/customer numbers to identify our members, so this could be the explanation

@PiMasterBlack Thanks for adding to this thread and welcome to the Bulb community :handshake:

When you mentioned comparing previous usage to the predictions, are you visualising this as a month by month bar graph, with say 2017,2018,2019 June usage & next to these bars predicted 2020 June usage? Or different graphs for each year that you could flick between?

@Matthew_W_at_Bulb It is the fourth of the five screens on the Account tab after the billed cost to date, price per unit and standing charge. I didn’t know that you didn’t use account/customer numbers, but that would explain it.

Do you know which model of IHD you have? and was it installed by us?

The easy way to tell the model is if it is all black? or white and black?

It is white and black Noah.

Hi Matthew and Noah,

I’m going to jump off this topic as my question has been answered, but just as a final thought - I think it would be good to be able to visualise the data in many different ways. Off the top of my head:

  1. Month by month comparison of total energy used for both gas and elec
  2. Compare a 2020 with a 2019 month
  3. year by year comparison
  4. Usage compared to “average” similar sized households

Thanks and looking forward to seeing the updates to the site!

Hi @D_W_C,

This is really useful feedback. I’ve made a note of all of these and will pass it on.

Thank you for taking the time to give us this feedback and this is why I love our Community. :earth_asia:

As outlined above, this dialogue between ourselves and our members to make things better is something we’re very keen to do more and more :bulb:

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@JStar This is the thread I mentioned in my reply to you, I hope you find it of interest!

Bump to lend weight to this feature request!
This customer would also like the Energy Usage page of the Dashboard to be a little less simplistic. I’d prefer to leave my meter set to send daily updates, but would like to see the Dashboard improved to display daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly usage, and usage between selectable dates. That’d allow me to see trends and compare this year to last year. I’d like to be able to correlate the claims made by my Nest thermostat (“You’ve used 43 fewer hours this month!”) to the meter’s readings.

Hey @WorcsDH :wave:

Thanks for bumping up this thread.

We appreciate the feedback on the app/dashboard and we are always working on providing improvements to our products. Our principle is keeping things simple however we understand that some members will want to get more information regarding usage stats, we could look at incorporating a section based on what you have said. We will pass this on.

Would you rather we had 2 sections on the account, one that shows simple usage stats and another that showed more advanced stats based on your above comments?

Carl :house:

Exactly, exactly. You could have a “Simple” and “Comprehensive” view on tabs, or on radio buttons.
It might be on-point to add a usage trend chart too, given the option. Again, date range selectable, or year/month/week range.