Monthly Meter readings

Am I right in thinking I have to submit meter readings monthly (or is it every 30 days). How strict is the timing of this and will I have reminders by email? What happens if I miss one, e.g., holiday time?

Ideally every month a couple of days before your payment (dd) is due, if you miss one or are late then they will use estimates which are reasonably accurate as they are based on your historical usage.
Yes they send a reminder a few days before it is due.

Bulb asks you to provide a reading every month (I try and do mine every weekend), but they’ve said at least every 6 months is okay - but the bigger gap between readings means your bills will start to become inaccurate and so, once the meter is read (by yourself or a meter reader) you could be facing a larger than expected bill (or have paid a lot more than you should have).