Monthly payment adjustments

My balance is nicely in credit & the system has suggested lowering my monthly payments.
Can I assume that the payments will be left as they are because I’d rather like to stay ahead if possible.
The short time that I’ve been with Bulb compared with my previous energy supplier has been like a ‘breath of fresh air’ in terms of openness & simplicity, keep up the good work.

My thoughts on payments and credit are the same as yours.
I’m sure that Bulb will not insist on lowering the monthly amount if we’re in credit! :wink:

Hi @beezer0418 @198kHz Yeah we will leave it to you to lower the payments once you feel like you have enough credit on the account :slight_smile: In the situation where we to review your payment methods and think you should change we will give you plenty of notice that we’re doing that and still give you the option of changing it back.