Monthly payment / Credit refund

Good evening,

Am I able to reduce my monthly payments any lower than £45? My monthly bills have been averaging just less than £30 so If you are able to, can you set it to £35 a month.

Also can I get a refund for the remaining credit?


Hello! We would also like to reduce down to £40 a month if possible please, and also get a refund for the credit on our account :slight_smile: thanks!

Hi @matthewrobertoliver, @TomNFrankie, you can reduce your monthly payments yourself on your MyBulb payments page here.

Regarding a refund, the fastest way to get that sorted would be to give Bulb a ring (0300 30 30 635) or catch them on the web chat (bottom right here).

@matthewrobertoliver I can see that you have managed to reduce your payments :+1:, thanks for the advice @mowcius. @TomNFrankie I have reduced your payments to £40 and sent you a refund of £150, which should be with you in 5-10 working days. Owen