Monthly Payment

If I changed my monthly payment to £5, could you subtract the difference from my credit???


Hey @Physio. If your account is in enough credit to cover your next payment, the payment won’t automatically be stopped or reduced.

Your payments are an average to cover your annual cost of energy.

You tend to use more energy in the winter, and less in the summer. So, your ideal monthly payment amount would be an average of your winter and summer bills.

Your regular meter readings help ensure you’re being charged the right amount. If your payments look to high or low, we’d tell you in the 'Payments & statements" section.

We have 3 conditions we need to meet before we can send you a refund:

-We need up-to-date meter readings … So we don’t have to ask for it all back if they aren’t current.

-We need at least one month’s balance in the account … So you don’t go into debt :slight_smile:

-We need you to have paid in the amount you wish to take out.

Once we’ve ticked all the boxes I’ll happily request a refund to be sent to your bank within 5-7 days

Thank you.

My balance is £250 and in my account I found a recommendation to decrease the monthly payment.

That is always good news. You can just head into the “payments and statements” section of the Bulb Account and change your Direct Debit payments. If you’d like a refund, give us a call on 0300 30 30 635, from Monday to Friday (9:00am to 6:00pm) and one of our team will organise that for you.