Monthly payments query

Hi all,

I’ve got a query regarding payments.

I’ve been with Bulb for 4 months. I paid £70 a month bulb for the past 4 months.

My usage is monthly has been:

This month I have worked it out at £36.97 so far with just 2 days left to go

The app said I have to pay a minimum of £69 monthly.

They then allowed me to drop my minimum payments to £53.15.

Now they recommend I pay £59 a month to remain stop me building up a lot of debit.

As of right now, I am currently £179.42 in Credit. Therefore going by my usage, I could go without being billed for 4 months.

Is this normal for bulb to keep asking way more than I use?



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YES, they recomemend increasing your payments over the summer to cover the extra anticipated usage in winter.
However if you think you are well in credit and can make “top-up payments” in the winter you can safely ignore the suggestion.
"It’s mostly for people that don’t realise the extra usage and run up a huge DEBIT in the colder months

Ive been paying 60/mth for the last year. im about breaking even in credit at bulb told me that my monthly payment had to go up to 107/mth. I added up my last years bills which came to 62/mth and i had to tell them that i would pay no more than 70/mth or id just go to another company. Even now, the minimum monthly payment i can manually set is 96, even though thats slightly more than my mid winter energy bill.

Thankfully, after arguing with an agent from bulb my payment is set at 70, and i expect this to slowly accrue credit as though they are my secondary bank.

I worry that their business model relies on keeping its customers in massive credit in order to stay afloat. TBH if they dont get a working smart meter soon so i only pay for what i use ill be leaving.