Monthly payments vs usage

I’ve recently joined Bulb. and I am very intrigued with the way you are calculating your monthly payment recommendation:
So I’ve made 3 payments of £49.74. The usage so far has been - £37.87 and - £39.94. But still your comment is:
“Your payments are too low. We recommend £62 a month based on your usage and current balance.”

I suspect this is based on your winter/summer algorithm calculation? ie that a the rate I am accumulating credit, it won’t be enough to go through winter. Could you please confirm?

thank you!

Heya @AJ_Pereira. You are absolutely right. Given that you are paying about the same amount as what you are using currently, we suspect your monthly payments are not enough to cover your winter usage also. We suggest heading into your Bulb Account and increasing your Direct Debit. You don’t have to do this right now but it is always best to be prepared for the colder months.