monthly payments

hello why am i being charged a straight fee of £80.55 per month ? at the same time i am entering meter readings at least 1 a month. whats the point in entering meter readings if i am going to be charged a fee of £80.55 regardless?

You are being charged a fee (DD) of £80.55 per month which will be based on your usage for the year / 12 to give a monthly payment. The readings give you accurate billings for each month for what is actually used. Normally you will find you are underpaying over winter and overpaying during summer, this effectively balances out over the year.
eg if you use £95 this month you will still only be charged £80.55, during summer if you use £60 you will still be charged £80.55

If the billing V dd is way out contact Bulb and they may alter it.