monthly payments

I understood that my monthly bill for gas and electricity would be approx £55
so why am I being charged £72 the same as my previous supply?

From my own experience, the initial amount which you are asked to pay (in your case £72) is based on an estimate of the energy you used with your previous energy supplier. If you send monthly meter readings to Bulb (Bulb will prompt you via an email prior to preparation of your monthly bill) you should find your bills are based on actual usage not estimated usage and this should then be reflected in the monthly charge.

If you think the monthly amount which is being requested by Bulb is to high you can always change this by going into your “Payments and Statements” on your account dashboard.

In my case I have set my monthly direct debit to an amount which I feel will also cover my greater use of energy during the winter period. I will be in credit during the summer months which will be whittled down as we go through the winter period.

mine has gone up from £89 to £121.00, how can I get back onto a fixed rate?

Hi @glyn_187 @Allanr is absolutely right. You can go to payments and statements and reduce the monthly amount if you think it is more than covering your bills. However, bear in mind that in winter your bills will be higher so it is a good plan to leave some credit now to build some buffer for next winter.

@woffindensusan_108 We don’t have a fixed tariff, but if you want to change your monthly payment, it will be through your account online and then payments and statements.