Monthly Price increase


I have been with bulb for 6 months now, and when we joined our monthly payment was £85, after three months Bulb increased it to £118 even though our usage has been well bellow the £85 and our account was always in credit the entire time. I have just received another email saying our usage is too high and we should increase our payments again, we haven’t been using more energy than average and… our account is £75 in credit… has anyone else had this issue and how do you keep the monthly payment reasonable? It joined blub for the good rates but they seem just like the rest…

Purely as another customer

The starter for 10 is to look at your Average monthly usage in £ in your “Payments & statements” if Bulb are asking you to pay more than this then I would suggest you initially reduce your monthly direct debit payment down to the Average monthly usage.

Bulb request a months advance payment so perhaps your current credit of £75 will cover the next months energy use?

If you find you are building up an ever increasing credit, then reduce your monthly direct debit a little.

Personally I try to set my monthly direct debit so that it remains constant for the next 12 months, to cover both the summer use and the larger winter use, I do appreciate not everyone wishes to do it that way. I’m lucky in that I keep a spreadsheet to help me work out my ideal monthly direct debit for the next 12 months .