Monthly statements and night tariff


A couple of questions from me.

  1. I just received a massive bill for period 1 Dec - 28 Feb whereas before I used to receive monthly statements. How do I change this so I still receive monthly statements. I’m not happy with a huge sum of money being wrapped in three months usage with no way for me to verify the accuracy.

  2. Since I changed to a smart meter I only get one rate on my meter but my settings indicate I still have a day and night tariff. Can you clarify how this works in practice and during what hours the cheaper night tariff applies?

Many thanks

Hey @Grazka Thanks for your post and welcome back to our community :wave:

  1. There was a billing failure on our side where we were unable to produce a bill for a few months but we were getting readings, this is a technical issue where we were missing data we need to produce a bill, this should not have happened and we apologise. We produced a bill for the time missing

  2. You are still on a 2 rate tariff with us, to get 2 readings manually please hold B for two-four seconds and then cycle the rates with A. You should get rate 01/02 - Night rate 00:30-7:30 but changes +1 hour in BST

–Carl :bulb: