Monthly Statements

I have submitted monthly meter readings since starting with bulb in June. I haven’t had any statements sent to me yet, is this correct??

Hi Christopher, I’ve sent you an email regarding this, it goes into more detail!

I have all the statements now thanks Bill. Being new to bulb I find there are two statements for September. I submitted a meter reading on the 10/09/18 and got a statement for that reading your system then sent me another statement for the 13/09/18.with two estimated readings. Why is this??

Hey @christophere. As we amended your opening gas meter reading we had to reissue your September statements.

One is up until the 11th of September and the other is for the 12th. You’ll be able to see this on the top left of the statements.

Statements will be issued monthly from now on.

Sorry that we confused you!