Monthly usage estimate is way above what bills are


Our monthly usage on our account page is sitting at around £70. I’ve submitted meter readings monthly and this number has gone down a bit each month but still high. Our first 2/3 statements had us using about £30 per month, £8 less than what we are paying which makes sense. However this month (may) we forgot to submit a meter reading in time and suddenly our account is now minus, and is saying we used £80 of duel fuel for April- May. Is there any way this can be fixed, surely we can’t have used more than twice our usual energy in one month, especially since we’ve not had the heating on as much.

Just remember to submit meter readings promptly next time. The excessive estimate doesn’t really matter as your direct debit payment remains the same regardless. Bulb don’t vary it to correspond with usage, actual or estimated.

Bulb’s estimated readings are wildly off-course and rather worrying!!! Avoid this by ALWAYS submitting a monthly meter read when prompted or 2/3 days before your bill is generated!!! However, you control what you pay and the direct debit does not alter

I always submit my readings on the 3rd. Since we started in November time, it has been £37,50/ month. December was the less as we went away for a week and a half and switched off all the power to save money. January and February I was home most days and the British weather as always, very cold so hearting was on. I expected those two months to been higher. March to current (may) I expected to be back at £37,50. It says I am around £80,00 to pay. It’s just my wife and me in a one bedroom flat, and we work throughout the days, and we are shocked with the outcome and I will be addressing this to bulb team and complaining and may switch to a cheaper and more accurate pricing structure of my usage.

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If you have any concerns whatsoever, take advice from someone who got into a right mess with last supplier, and get in touch with BULB with a meter reading. My previous supplier SSE never reminded me to check my statements or prompted me for meter readings, In two years I only ever had one email from them a bout anything! When my smart meter was installed I was shocked at how much my electricity was costing and my usage seemed way more than it should be . I left it thinking it would all work itself out but one day my usage was so ridiculous that I called them ,they told me that my account was in debt. By over a thousand pounds. I was only paying £40 pcm and my useage was £ 175 minimum. No one told me, no one increased my monthly direct debits and after I got in touch I realised they had put me economy 7 tariff where day time electricity is almost twice the night time tariff. I dont have economy 7 and am at home all day with a disabled child who needs hot water and heating on all day. To clear the arrears my my DDs increased to £260 pcm . It was furious that they allowed this to happen. They should have at least knickend off the extra charges caused by their incorrect tariff, it they refused and after a few months I switched to BUKB. SSE took a final,payment to clear my account when I left of £675 without telling me ,leaving me overdrawn at the bank and with bank charges to,lay on top. All this. Happened because I didn’t submittb meter readings or keep my eye on the.ball. .Had I done soI would have seen that my tariff was wrong, my payments were insufficient and I was accruing a huge debt. NOW I log into my BULB account every week and submit readings as often as they’ll accept them. Never ,let things slide, for peace of mind get in touch, They won’t mind and you won’t worry or get in the mess I did.

Does anyone else have a meter which has day,night and stored heat and water readings? I keep having to email 3 readings, as site only provides for two readings.

I wouldn’t worry too much, when I signed up I had the opposite problem (bulb estimated too low) but it didn’t affect my direct debits and every time I submitted a reading (back then 3-4 times a year) the account got corrected. If you are concerned just make sure you submit a reading a couple of days before your next statement and it will all sort itself out.

To be sure you aren’t using more energy than you expect you can always compare the current meter readings to the estimated readings on the statement. If the real readings are significantly lower then I wouldn’t stress just let it sort itself out next month.

Epic isn’t a word I use too often. I feel it’s somewhat overused these days. It is, however, accurate when describing my unexpected estimated reading!
I’ve given readings, sometimes twice a month if I’m in the mood! (It is easy after all so why not?)
My average use in my 1 bedroom flat has been £27-£28 per month since I moved in back in March and signed up to Bulb. My Monthly payments have been £53. Ample one would assume… right?
On the 04th October, I received an “epic” estimation sending my account from £300 plus in credit to an incredible £1608 in the red!!!
With my average usage of £27, they have managed to estimate my 12 month projection at £2365!! With that I am suddenly paying £85 a month. It has been corrected twice this month only for it to return to -£1608 on the same day!
If anyone from Bulb is reading this. I’d love it if someone would respond to my e-mails!