Monthly Usage Estimate

I have been a bulb customer for nearly 2 years. So far everything has gone well. I have had electricity only on economy 7. I have recently had gas central heating installed and have had a gas meter installed by Bulb. I have asked to be moved to their dual fuel tariff and this is in process. My only problem is that my account shows a monthly usage of £178-39 and recommends that I increase my monthly payments from £100 to £175. These figures are ridiculous as my average bill over the last 12 months has been £90 per month and as gas is charged at about half the cost a of the economy 7 night rate. When I spoke to Bulb they said that sometimes their monthly usage estimate is “sometimes slightly out”, but this would be DOUBLE my normal bills. Has anyone had this problem before.

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Hi Alan i myself have recently had this problem and have had no response from bulb, I’ve made a message myself on community about how they have charged me 1000 for September electricity, bearing in mind I have literally two TVs and lighting around the house, no appliances etc as my house is undergoing renovation due to previous tenants!

Hi Alan and Sophie,
I also have a similar issue - Bulb shows my monthly usage as being far more than any of my actual monthly bills since I joined in June. Even if my bills do get more expensive (as you would expect as it gets colder), I have more than 3 months credit in my account so I really cannot fathom why they want me to increase my monthly payments. I am just going to ignore it as it is bizarre.

I was told to turn my electricity off t the mains all day and take a picture to see if any of the meters were still clocking up usage, I had done this but there was no change, so I’m really at a loss as to why my electricity is so high, bearing in mind like I explained I have next to nothing in there, my house is literally a shell!!

I have just joined bulb! Could anyone tell me if there quotes are near what you actually pay?