Monthly usage skyrocketted?!

My monthly usage has skyrocketted from usually around £30-£35 to £140!

I am a single person who lives alone in a 1 bed flat and spends the majority of my life at work, so i truly dont understand how this is even possible?!

I have my smart reader set to send meter readings every 30 minutes, but clearly it isn’t doing so.

I called bulb customer support but they pied me off saying to send manual readings instead, but then what is the point in the smart meter?!

This is terrible service, i dont know what to do and cant switch providers because my account is around £400 in debt because of this muck up, which i outright REFUSE to pay to leave bulb.

Does anyone have a clue what on earth this could be?!?!

If you’re able to read your meter throughout the day, you should be able to establish if there’s something wrong with the meter.Eg, has the reading increased more than you’ve used?

At the very least, take readings for a few days to establish a rough daily usage. Does that usage tie in with what you are actually using?

A bit of detective work should give you some facts to present to Bulb, if need be.

How do I know how much ive used? Ive searched high and low online to find how to find my usage and cant find anything that correlates to my meter.

My meter is down 2 flights of stairs and in a locked cupboard, I’m getting so frustrated. :sob:

Last night i went and pressed 9 on my meter and took a video of everything it cycled through, and then did that again after shutting my power of from the fuse box.
I didnt wait long, but none of the numbers it cycled through changed, but I have no idea what that means anyway, was just trying something that i saw on another thread, but i didnt truly understand it. :pensive:

I see your dilemma. I don’t have a smart meter, so I can’t help. Maybe someone else who reads this can.

However, from one day to the next there must be some change in the figures, especially if you believe your usage is too high. It’ll be those figures that will tell you, but I don’t know which. Good luck, though.

You are very likely being charged more than you are using. Bulb consistently tries to do the same with us by overestimating our useage, corrected time and time again by our meter readings. Do you have the Bulb app on your phone ?, easy to submit reading via that and see your current tariff too. You need a friend to look at your meter and work out your readings. If several numbers cycle when you press the button you might be on some form of ‘economy7’, one of the numbers might be a total (T) and of no use, the others your day and night totals…

I have the bulb app and have been submitting meter readings everyday for a week now.
My tariff is broken on there, if only shows my gas tariff and the usage chart is blank, but if i go on the website it says my monthly usage electric for May was £20, so why are they suspecting June to be £125?! I just dont get it, it all seems so broken and that its a problem their end but they dont want to take blame! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sob:

Hi @Phoenix28496 :wave:

Please could you run the fix at this link, ensuring your IHD is plugged in and within 5m of your electricity meter?

Bulb account 51

If the usage data still isn’t showing within 48 hours, please reset the device.


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