Monthly usage

Hi, Please could you explain why the graph showing electric usage over the summer months, increased usage over May up, June down, then increasing each month after that to Oct despite having no heating on. It does not make sense. Whilst I understand the payments are worked out for the full 12 months this is not the case for electric usage.
Thank you.

Hi @Beth4989 ,

I don’t work for Bulb (I’m just another customer myself) so I can’t say for certain - but it’s amazing what a single appliance can do to an electricity bill (my PC, left on all month, adds £10/month to our electricity bill).

If you’ve supplied meter readings, then those are the figures Bulb have been using to produce the graph (and your bills) - and it’ll be down to your household electricity usage that it differs (and therefore totally outside of Bulb’s control).

If it’s just been estimated bills (i.e. you haven’t supplied monthly readings) or have supplied readings some months and not others, that may account for the peaks/troughs in the graph as the estimates may be higher/lower than actual usage and the system has just guessed/calculated usage based on typical household patterns which may not be correct for your situation.

If you are absolutely entirely sure that your power usage has not changed at all during that time (you say no heating, but how about air conditioning - which is another big power draw - fans/lots of freezer usage/heating water for baths etc etc?), then you might have a faulty meter. Bulb can investigate this and get your meter officially tested (see ), however if it is tested and there is no fault found, you will have to pay the cost of the investigation (if it is found faulty, Bulb will pay cost of the test and refund ‘over payments’ the regulator/investigation company calculates you paid). To be honest/on the balance of statistics, this is unlikely to be the case.