More Bulb tariffs after Smart Meters revolution?

An article in today’s DailyMail online (link below assuming allowed) discusses introduction by some companies of favourable cheaper tariffs dependent on smart meters, compared to tariffs where no smart meter is installed. Bulb right now deliberately has just the one tariff and I wonder whether after it rolls out smart meters, Bulb would be thinking on adding new tariffs that benefit those that take the installation; also to encourage the smart meter refuseniks to ponder again? Would be a fun forum for a while!

@stephen9620 we won’t do a tariff for smart meters that’s lower than non-smart meters. Indeed we respect people’s decision to decline a smart meter.

But what is a very cool possibility – though perhaps a few years off – would be super-granular time-of-use tariffs, only possible with smart meters. One price for peak hours, another for low hours, and a super-low one for super-low hours. Maybe, one day, even one that tracked half-hourly price curves. Those with batteries, electric cars, smart dishwashers, etc. could make sure to draw energy only when it was most economically viable. This would be good for their pocketbook, help stabilise the grid, and help manage intermittent power sources such as wind and solar. A win-win-win.