More expensive so far

Changed over from Scottish power last month and so far i am £30 more for gas and £20 more for electric. I have changed the timings on my thermostat as my wife is now working full time so should be even less now. Why?

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can only suggest you check(or have checked) your meter readings

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I have never been asked for meter readings.

Unless you’re on prepay or smets 2 meters you should be sending readings monthly

Do you have a SMETS2 smart meter that you know is uploading readings to Bulb? That’s probably quite unlikely. It’s also impossible that anything is “working out more expensive so far”. If the unit rates and standing charges are less than you were paying Scottish Power, then your energy is cheaper, simple as that.

As to why your bill might be higher, even though your actual energy is cheaper, there are only two possibilities:

  1. Your statement/bill is based on estimated readings rather than actual usage.
  2. You’re using more energy than you used to, which is unrelated to your switch.

I’d suggest checking your statements and you’ll be able to determine which of those two it is.

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I’m on prepay. At this time of year I’m usually £50 max for gas. Allowing for price increases then £60 would be reasonable but I’m at £80 so far with 6 days til pay day.

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It’s been unusually cold so far for November.

It’s not impossible at all. If I’m usually £150 -£160 a month for both and I’m now at £200 with 6 days til payday then I’m paying a good bit more when bulb have quoted £60 per month less than I was paying.

Bulb prepay tariff for elec is 13.38pkw SC 26.5perday gas 3.56 SC 28.3per day not sure how this compares to SP

Suggest you contact bulb and have them look into this

Hi @rickiestevenson,

Could you take a look at this help article, to see if there is any debt on the meter?

If you need help reading that, just drop me a message with some screenshots of your meter display.

Checked and no debt on meters