More price rises?

“BULB” Do you have any price rises in the pipeline for the next 6 months

Hi @skypirate ,

It’s impossible to predict the future (especially 6 months in the energy market especially with the effects of Brexit still unpredictable), but Bulb give 60 days notice of any price rises : so as of ‘now’ there are no price rises for the next 2 months at least - plus, if they did announce one, you are free to switch to any other supplier without any charges/exit fees etc.

Bulb do provide a quarterly ‘Energy Market update’ on their blog at which will usually give an ‘advanced heads up’ of any expected price rises - but the fact Decembers update had a note that energy prices have dropped since September gives an indication that their prices are unlikely to rise (and, if any thing, may drop - as soon as an average household is expected to save £20/year, Bulb reduce their prices: they don’t tend to do it for less than that as otherwise prices will be jumping up and down very frequently).