More than one Account

Is it possible to have more than one Bulb Account?

Hey @terence , yes absolutely. You can have multiple properties under the same email address and simply toggle between them on your MyBulb account :slight_smile: Each MyBulb account needs a unique email though, so if you want them to be kept separate you’ll need to provide a different email.

Hi @terence I signed up 3 houses under the same account but I don’t see any way within MyBulb account to toggle between them. Only the initial property I signed up with shows up! Can you explain how you managed to toggle them? Also, can you see reports for each individual house so as to understand usage? Can you compare usage between properties? THNK YOU!

@Stu_asc, maybe you meant to tag @RachelatBulb? :wink:

At a guess, can you click on the property address to change it?

@mowcius yes I did…tx!

Hey @Stu_asc , ah sorry about that. I should have mentioned it takes a member of Team Bulb to manually connect the accounts. Looks like we hadn’t got around to connecting yours yet. I’ve just done it, can you try again and see if the list is working?