More than property

Is it possible to have one email/user with more than one property?

Or do you have to use a seperate email address for each property?

Hi, it is fine to have the same customer with one, two or many properties. In the Bulb Account you can switch between them. If you register the new place with the same name, email and password then it will recognise you and merge the accounts automatically.

Thanks Rowan


Do you still get the referral reward for adding additional properties? How about exit fees?

HI @Alexander you’ll always get the exit fees, yep, and you can get the referral credit for your second property. More than two properties and we’ll have to treat you as a professional landlord, so there’s still some credit you can get but not quite as much. If you have 3+ properties you’d like to have with us, you can email for more info, otherwise you can just use your referral link for your second house without any problems.