Morrison Data Services random visit

Hi, I’m new to Bulb. Today I just had a random person turn up at my door asking to come in and read my meter. Obviously I didnt just let a stranger right in no questions asked.

He said he was from Morrison, and upon googling them they do seem to do meter reads. I do however wonder where this sits with data privacy and GDPR.

My questions are - 1) Why was I not informed by Bulb this would happen so I could expect a visit? And , 2) Why is this even necessary given online meter reads we provide?


Morrisons reads the meters on behalf of Bulb.

  1. This sort of issue has been reported previously on this Forum, I think what should happen is that the meter readier should say they are reading the meter on behalf of Bulb and also show a Bulb accreditation identity badge. However perhaps the meter reader isn’t aware of the supplier for the premises, they just have an address.

None of my previous energy suppliers have given me advance warning that a meter reader was due to visit me.

  1. It is a legal requirement by OFGEM that customers meters have to be read by suppliers at least every two years, Bulb tend to do it once a year.

I honestly don’t understand why the meter checks/reads aren’t done by the the ‘local distributor’ - they could send a message to all suppliers with customers in that area going ‘We’re going to be reading meters XYZ, ABC, DEF… on [date]’ and the suppliers could email/write to customers. When the meter readers go out, they report back to the distributor who sends them to the ‘centralised third party verification database people’ who then send them to the appropriate suppliers. It’ll just save so much time and effort and only one person needs to go out per ‘area’ instead of 20+ people going out for each supplier for a single street. sigh.

Admittedly, outsources companies such as Morrisons may just collate addresses and do something similar, but still duplication/lack of customer notification is going on.