Morrison Data Services want to read my SMETS2 smart meter

I have a smart meter for my electricity. The meter is inside, and the fact that I would not need to be in for the meter man, was the selling point for me getting a smart meter.

Today a man from Morrisons Data Services came to read my internal electric meter.
As I wasn’t in they want me to provide them with the reading myself so of no use to prevent fraud!

So Is this normal for Bulb to send a meter man for a working smart meter?

Meters are supposed to be read by an actual meter reader once every two years. It’s more honoured in the breach though! (esp. as the pandemic really threw a spanner into the works)

When you consider they accept user readings then I’m not sure what is gained by this practice.

Firstly, verification that users aren’t systemically under-recording their usage (or screwing it up), and secondly, the visits double as meter inspections (looking out for wear’n’tear etc).

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