Morrison data services

Anyone else received action required card from a company called Morrison Data Services asking for meter readings? As i submit mine online to Bulb i don’t understand why I’d of got one

Morrison Data Services run the SMETS 1 (smart meter) data network, not sure why they will be asking for meter readings though

Reassuring to know they’re an actual organisation. It’s rented property, i moved in bout 6 weeks ago, maybe their info not updated yet?

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They are indeed an actual organisation- we work with them to do metering jobs. Sometimes they will attend properties to take meter readings which they then send over to us, especially if we haven’t had any in a while- or check everything is fine with the set up.

Speaking of meter readings though, I can see your account switched to us recently- would you be able to send some gas and elec readings over to us through your Bulb Account? Just so we can make sure we start the account on an accurate reading.

– H :bulb: