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I was very concerned to arrive home from work today to find my kids (16, 13, 12) had let in a Morrisons engineer to read our dead gas meter. I now know from searching the site that Bulb use them and they have to read the meters every 2 years, but if Bulb know that why aren’t we warned?

My kids only let him in because they have heard me complaining about the dead gas meter and thought it was related, and the 16 year old panicked a bit and let the guy in. I would normally ensure I was present for any kind of engineer visit. I raised a call with Bulb yesterday to get it sorted and assume this is a bizarre coincidence.

Not happy. :unamused:

If it’s a routine check/reading, it’s possible Bulb didn’t know. Morrison Data Services work on behalf on a whole group of utility companies (including British Gas, E-on, EDF, nPower, National Grid, Ovo, Scottish Power and SSE) and so it makes sense/efficiency for them to “hit” an area and do all appropriate readings in a street at once instead of sending someone out per property/supplier.

MDS might give the suppliers a “heads up” that they’ll be in an area “next week” - but for “routine work” like this they may be able to give a day or time (as it’ll depend on how their workload is) - or it might be a case of “an engineer was in the area doing X so the system scheduled them to do checks/readings afterwards in the area if they had time”.

If it was an arranged visit (such as a repair), I’m sure Bulb would work with you and MDS to figure out an appropriate pre-booked/expected time.

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Hi @CSD69, nice to see you back on Community again :blush:

You’re right we do send people out to read the meter if its been more than 12 months since we received a reading. It’s pretty much as @RichyB explained, we don’t know the exact dates engineers attend as they do them in groups unless specifically requested once off for a particular date.

The engineers should have uniforms and ID cards as well, if they can’t gain access for any reason we receive that information in the data they send to us so the reading isn’t taken. I’m sorry if it came as a surprise, it’ll be due to the lack of meter readings.

You mentioned your gas meter is dead- is it a blank screen?
If so we should be able to replace this for you and get you one you can take readings from- let us know! :blush: