Move electric metre

We are having an extension built and would like to move the electric metre box 1metre to the other side of a new wall that has recently been built. How much will this cost and is required to complete as our builders are still onsite for another 9weeks?

I believe that as you wish to move the meter to the other side of the wall, the distribution company has to be involved as well as Bulb.

The standard cost (less than a metre, not through a wall) is just under £100 but you’d be best off giving Bulb a ring (0300 30 30 635) to clarify the work required and the process and cost.

@Cainesscott I agree with @mowcius that you should ask your distributor if they think they need to be involved. In your area, I believe your distributor is Western Power 0800 096 3080.

Either way, Bulb’s work will cost £95.00. It would be ideal to get 2 (or even 3) weeks advance notice to book the engineer.